"I want to sell my own brand, something that is mine." As a result of that dream, Son Castellanísimos was born, a Spanish leather footwear brand for men and women founded in 2011 by José Mollá from Elche.

Inspired by the feet of the executives who crossed the road on his travels and with the clear objective that he wanted to make his brand known throughout the world, he created his first men's and women's shoes made in Spain.

Through a careful process from start to finish, totally handmade and with the best materials, Son Castellanisimos immerses itself fully in online sales and new technologies.

At Son Castellanisimos you can find everything from elegant dress shoes to the most casual shoe, including high-quality leather accessories. Moccasins, nautical, bluchers, sports or boots for men and sandals, salons, moccasins and nautical for women. Comfortable leather shoes made in Spain that stand out for their comfort and their classic and timeless design.